Nature Day Camp

2014 Nature Day Camp has been cancelled due to lack of registrants. If you have any suggestions, please email or phone us. Thanks!

Annual Auction

All auction items are in and ready for bidding beginning when the Library and Museum opens tomorrow at 10:00am. The Social doesn’t begin until 4:00pm, but don’t wait to bid. Come in early before the crowd and bid on your favorite items. There is a huge variety ¬†and you can see them on the event page under the calendar section.


Around the World with Hudson Falls

The Pember Museum presented a couple programs to third graders at the Hudson Falls Primary School in Hudson Falls, NY on Tuesday, May 13th. Animals presented were Moose, Red Fox, Grey Fox, American Alligator, North Chinese Leopard, Red Kangaroo and a live Yellow-naped Amazon Parrot. The children knew some of the facts presented and it was exciting to see their eager faces to learn. Touching and exploring was a big hit too. However, Barnyard the Parrot was an even bigger hit than the touchable specimens. She delighted everyone!

The Pember thanks HFPS for inviting us to their school.

It should be noted that the specimen North Chinese Leopard is on personal loan to Pember Educator Bernadette Hoffman by the owner of Flag Acres Zoo. It was a zoo animal and when it died of old age, the owners wanted to honor it by using the pelt and skull for educational programs. Although the owners of the zoo retired, Bernadette has been granted use of the artifact for her wildlife programs.


Weasels & Skunks

May 7th was the discovery program Weasels & Skunks at the Pember Museum. We enjoyed an informative slide presentation focusing on the Mustelidae and Mephitidae Family. I think what was more enjoyable was watching the children explore antique mink garments. Following the slideshow was Pansy, the ferret. Pansy had to reside in a carrier because she kept escaping the pop-up cage I brought in for her. Yes, she could squeeze through 2 inch bars. Well, of course…she’s in the weasel family and those guys are cunning! The children had a great time, as did the adults.

Antlers & Horns Program

On Wednesday, April 23 the Museum featured an after school discovery on animals with Antlers & Horns. All the animal artifacts were from educator Bernie’s collection. There were many items to touch and explore. The children did a fantastic job at the Shadow Know-how game and finished with fun museum search. Following the program the children were able to feed sunflower seeds to Barnyard while she sat perched on Bernie’s shoulder. The Museum has many taxidermy animals with antlers or horns. Come visit us to see!

(click on the photo to enlarge)

Volunteers Needed

Although the Museum has some volunteers, it isn’t nearly enough for coverage at the museum on Fridays and Saturdays. Museum experience is not necessary. If you’re an honest person, willing to donate 4 or 5 hours a month by sitting, greeting, answering, and calculating…then we need you. The work is not difficult but it is important. It’s turning on the lights and making sure they are all turned off before exiting the building. You greet people as they enter the museum, give them a 2 minute brief of the museum (already written) and log them in on the attendance sheet. It’s answering the phone and taking messages. It’s attending to the gift shop by selling items to our visitors. It’s being honest enough not to steal the mere pittance we take in the gift shop. ¬†There is library staff downstairs ready to answer your questions, should you have a problem. There’s a check list for our volunteers so you don’t have to memorize the location of the light switches. It’s making sure food and drinks are not brought into the museum and that children act accordingly. It’s allowing Lucy the Library Cat to come and sit in your lap. Sometimes there are many visitors (over 20) and sometimes there might be no one. But you never know when there might be a visitor and therefore we need coverage. Bernie is only part-time working Tues-Thurs which is why we need volunteers for those Fridays and Saturdays. Friday hours are 1-5pm and Saturday 10am-3pm.

If you are able to donate your time, please call the museum and talk to Bernie at 642-1515 or stop by to pick up a volunteer form.


Walking with Dinosaurs

Bet you didn’t know that we were visited by a dinosaur on April 9th during our after school discoveries program? It even left behind a giant track and we set it to cast! The children and adults enjoyed watching a slideshow about animals of the past and explored some really cool fossils. Many were millions and millions year old.

Next program is April 23. Watch for it!


Mammals Program Photos

The Mammals around the World program on March 26th delighted a few children who came to learn some interesting facts about the Fallow Deer, Virginia Opossum, Red Kangaroo, Alpaca, and the Tanuki. It never ceases to amaze me how much knowledge these children possess. A museum search followed the discussion and concluded with a presentation of Peter, the Short-tailed Opossum from Brazil who showed his enthusiasm by pooping on my gloved hand! If you missed this after school discovery, join us on April 9 for a slideshow on Prehistoric Life including real fossils.

Mammals around the World

Don’t forget to join us at the Museum for the after school discovery program Mammals around the World featuring Peter, a short-tailed opossum on Wednesday, March 26. There will be a discussion, museum search and hands-on artifacts like kangaroo, Virginia opossum, fallow deer, tanuki and alpaca. The program is free for children of all ages and begins at 4:00pm. Come join us!

Peter O Possum

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