Egypt After-school

We learned about modern day Egypt in our after-school program on April 24th and participants created several cat mummies.


Spring Break Photos

See photos under Past Calender Events.

Owl Week Pics

Owls were the featured topic during Winter Break last week. Each day participants received two informational owl cards along with word searches, crosswords, and coloring sheets. A different craft program was presented each day. 2/20 – Great Horned Owl & Long-eared Owl with cricut owl craft & scratch art, 2/21 – Barred Owl & Barn Owl with tree owl and tissue paper owl crafts, 2/22 – Snowy Owl and Short-eared Owl with wooden standing owl and paper roll owl crafts, 2/23 – Eastern Screech Owl and Northern Saw-whet Owl with mosaic sticker owl craft.

Today’s Hikes

The hikes are on today at the Nature Preserve – Tracking at 10am and Owl walk at 6pm.

Owl Walk

Due to ice at the Nature Preserve, the Owl Walk tonight has been rescheduled for Sunday, Feb. 18 at 6-8pm. Hope to see you then and listen to owls talking!

Winter Programs

Please visit our page under Calendar to see our winter programs. Registration is required for all Winter Break programs in February.

The Owl Walk was scheduled for this Saturday, January 27, but has been rescheduled for Sunday, February 18 due to the ice currently at the Nature Preserve.

When in Rome

Our participants at our Ancient Rome after-school class on November 29th had a good time and we even learned a fact or two!

Our last class Ancient America is today but registration is closed.

Stay tune for the start up of our Travel the Globe classes beginning in February 2018!






Ancient Egyptians

Our Ancient Egypt class was well-received. Here are our Egyptians. If you would like to sign up for the next ancient civilizations class, Ancient India on October 18, please call the museum by October 14.


Here are our Mesopotamia attendees. We had a great time with awesome students. The next program is Ancient Egypt on October 4 from 3:30-4:30pm. If you want to walk like an Egyptian, register your child by September 30.

5th History Fair Forts & Battles

Saturday, September 30 – 10am to 4pm at Hartford Central Schools, Hartford NY

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