Owl Walk

Don’t forget our Owl Walk is tonight beginning promptly at 6pm on 13 South Grimes Hill Rd in Hebron at the Nature Preserve. The house next door is #11 and listed as “Granville” for those with GPS. We’ll start with listening to owl calls & passing around owl wings and talons. Bring a flashlight.

Winter Break Activities

Monday – Feb 15 11:00am – 1:00pm
Animal Tracking Hike
Meet at the Porter Schoolhouse on Route 22. Bring snowshoes (Optional) & water. Participants will receive a laminated tracking card and a snack. Weather permitting. If weather is questionable, call Bernie, Pember Educator at 518-692-3129 or visit the Pember’s Facebook page or Pember Blog at http://www.pembermuseum.wordpress.com for hike verification. Registration is not required.


010Tuesday, Feb. 16 – 10:00 – 11:30am
Starry Starry Night
Create a Star Mobile and glow-in-the-dark Star Map. Star dust will be available to add to your mobile. This workshop is open to children age 6 & older & will be held in the Museum. Participants will be using scissors & may need parent supervision.



012Wednesday, Feb. 17 – 10:00 – 11:30am
Claws & Paws
Come investigate real animal claws and paws. Create track cards and sculpt a clay animal track. This will be a fun and educational workshop for children age 6 & older and will be held in the Library. Please note that the photo depicts a painted track but the tracks we will make are all white. They can be painted at home once they dry.


pinecone bird feeder003ORPinecone Owl

Thursday, Feb. 18 – 10:00 – 11:30am
Pinecone Creations
Create a pinecone bird feeder & owl decoration OR a pinecone owl picture. This workshop is open to children age 5 (feeder/decoration) & older (owl picture) & will be held in the Library.

Registration is mandatory by Friday, February 12 for the Tuesday through Thursday programs as supplies need to be purchased ahead of time.

These programs are free of charge. The cost of supplies have been covered by Stewart’s Holiday Match Grant and a private donor.

After-School Discoveries 2016

Here is our Winter-Spring 2016 After-school program lineup. They are held on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30pm. Registration is not necessary and the programs are free. Children age 5 and older are welcomed.

February 10 – Antlers & Horns
Discover who wears antlers & who wears horns. Shadow Know-How Game. Each participant will receive an antler piece.

February 24 – Environmental Careers
What sorts of jobs will a program in environment prepare me for?

March 9 – The Totem Pole
What is the Totem Pole origin? Tell a story & create your own totem pole.

March 23 – Museums Around the World
Visit other Natural History Museums without leaving the room!

April 6 – Geology
Discover crystals and geodes

April 20 – Insects
Learn about bugs and bring your own bug.

May 4 – Early Tools
Learn about tools made from animals parts.

May 18 – Fungus Among Us
Which fungus is harmless or deadly?

June 1 – Historic Animals
Discover 5 Animals that helped changed history and 10 terrifying prehistoric relatives of normal animals.

Collections Database

Online Database
The Museum’s online database features more than 6,000 collection items. Each listing contains a description, photo of the item and more.

Research collections of the Pember Museum are available to the public for the following collection units:

  • Amphibians (1 record)
  • Birds (1,363 records)
  • Botany (1,444 records)
  • Eggs (884 records)
  • Geology (382 records)
  • Insects (1,601 records)
  • Invertebrates (273 records)
  • Mammals (152 records)
  • Reptiles (32 records)

Easy to follow directions can be found on the site itself.

We constantly add new data and correct information in the records. If you see an error in the data please contact us. For questions regarding the collection, or online database, contact the Pember at 518-642-1515 or email at pember_edu@roadrunner.com.

Click here to view the database.

All About Birds

All About Birds – our after-school program on Wednesday, Dec. 2  went well with the few children that attended. We know it is difficult to bring children to an after-school program at the museum when so many schools have activities. We understand. Here are a few photos of the beautiful Doves of Peace that were made after we learned about Beaks & Feet.

Working Animals

Don’t forget our Working Animals after-school program on November 18 from 3:30-4:30pm. It will be held in the library. The guest speaker will be Anne Thibideau with her guide dogs in training. Both are named Flyer. Bernie will present a short slide presentation on Working Animals Around the World and Ardyce will offer an activity. This program is open to children and adults of all ages.

Rainforest Animals

Our after-school discovery program on November 4 will feature Rainforest Animals from 3:30-4:30p.m. There will be a short slideshow, museum search, book giveaway (Rainforest to color) and if time permits, a craft project. We begin promptly at 3:30pm, so don’t be late or you’ll miss the fun! Barnyard, the parrot will be attending, too.


Animal-related Careers

Don’t forget our after-school program this week on Wednesday, October 21 from 3:30-4:30pm. We will have guest speakers talking about working with animals. Beth Kashner is a farmer and educator. Jodi is a veterinarian technician and will be bringing a dog. I will also be bringing in Coco Chinchilla and talk about wildlife education. There will be a handout for each participant on animal-related careers. See you there!


Armored Animals

Don’t forget our after-school program on Armored Animals. How do animals defend or protect themselves? You will be amazed!

Wednesday, October 7 – 3:30-4:30pm.


The African Wild after-school

Come to our after-school program on The African Wild on Wednesday, September 23 from 3:30-4:30pm. There will be a discussion about the giraffe, elephant and cheetah with a leopard specimen and hopefully an elephant tusk for touching. A live hedgehog named Twitch will be visiting and we’ll tell you a thing or two about this amazing animal. Following the discussion we’ll create African Animals from toilet paper rolls. Participants will receive a color pre-printed template to cut and glue to their roll, and take a blank one home to color themselves to create another animal. This free program is open to all school-age children age 5 and older. For more information, contact Bernie at pember_edu@roadrunner.com or 642-1515.

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