September’s First Friday

Roy Egg featured at the Pember. See page under Calendar.

Roy and Ostrich

After-School Discoveries Fall 2015

Our after-school programs will begin in late September from 3:30-4:30. Here is the list you have been waiting for:

9/23 – The African Wild – Discover Africa and meet a live Hedgehog named Twitch

10/7 – Armored Animals – How do animals protect themselves?

10/21 – Animal-related Careers – Discover careers where you work with animals with guest speaker(s)

11/4 – Rainforest Animals – Learn about some rainforest animals including an art activity

11/18 – Working Animals – How can animals help you? Meet a seeing-eye dog in training.

12/2 – All about Birds – From flightless birds to tiny birds

12/16 – Animal Olympians – Who are the champions of the animal world?

Upcoming Events


Dreadful Art First Friday – Friday, August 7 – 7-9pm

First Friday – September 4 – 7-9pm

Basket Raffle – tentatively scheduled for October 17 – 3-6ish.

See the Calendar section for further details!

Reptile Show!

Saturday, July 11th – 1:30-2:30pm.

Join us in the Pember Library for a presentation on Reptiles. John Dolyak who is a local reptile rehabilitator will inform you about some of his cold-blooded friends – snakes and lizards. Come listen, learn and touch. This free public program is open to all ages. (SEE PHOTOS UNDER PAST CALENDAR EVENTS)


How does it taste?

The Edible Science after-school program yesterday (May 20) was a big success with its participants. I know, it was one of my favorite classes. We had 21 items to observe, smell, taste and identify. The children knew many of them before even smelling or tasting. They were mashed, chopped, sliced or whole. I would have to say, the best moment was when they popped a tiny slice of green vegetable into their mouths and realized that it was HOT! There were red faces which required a rescue of water. You would think that the smell would have given them a clue to the taste, but that was not the case. They were good sports about it and demanded something sweet to follow. See, looks can be deceiving. What a fun program! The very last item was buttered popcorn = corn = vegetable. Yum!!


Earth Day

Earth Day at the Pember went over quite well with it’s participants. We learned to reduce, reuse and recycle. We heard about the Lorax’s story by Ardyce Bresett, and played Planet Earth Bingo. Miss Bernie took her spider plant babies and planted them in biodegradable mini planters for all. It was a fun time!

Let’s Take a Walk

Oh my! I never imagined that so many children would be interested in creating a personalized walking stick or hiking staff, which ever you may call it. There were fifteen youth attending the program this morning. Over the years whenever I cleared trails at the Hebron Nature Preserve, I would gather fallen tree branches and tuck them inside the schoolhouse to be used at summer camp, but camp has been a bust for the last couple years with no registrations. I had collected seventeen branches when I decided to present the program. I allowed for fifteen spaces knowing that I had fifteen good branches and two not so hot ones. Eighteen children signed up by end of day on Saturday and I fretted. Where was I going to get more good branches when the ground was wet? I found one at the Preserve setting against the picnic table stuck in the snow. I kicked it loose and took it home. In fact, I took all the branches home and spent eight hours getting them ready for the class which meant removing the bark, small branches, knots, sanding it down and sawing the ends off. The one I found in the snow was set on my floor heat vent for two days to dry out after I cleaned it. The weather was not going to cooperate and I couldn’t get the power turned on at the schoolhouse, so I decided to cancel the hike but hold the program at the Museum. I figured that they can hike with their staff when the weather turns nice. There were three cancellations and one walk-in which made fifteen excited kids ready to create a staff of their own with paint, cording, charms (metal or antler buttons), turkey feathers and beads! A good time was had by all. Just see for yourself….


Spring Break is Coming!

painted walking sticksTuesday – Apr 7 10:00 – 11:30am  at the Porter Schoolhouse (Nature Preserve), Rt. 22, Hebron at the Library & Museum
Nature Hike @ HNP Due to the forecast of cold & rain, the hike has been cancelled but the program will be held at the L&M
The Pember staff will lead a nature hike after each participant creates their own personalized walking stick with paint, charms and beads. This workshop is open to children age 5 & older. Registration is required by April 4. As of April 5, no further reservations will be taken. This class is full.


Slate Decoupage

Slate Decoupage


Wednesday – Apr 8 10:00 – 11:30am at the Library
Slate Painting & Decoupage
Come decorate a slate plaque by painting or decoupage. This workshop is open to children age 5 & older & will be held in the Library. Registration is required by April 4.


Stencil ArtThursday – Apr 9 10:00 – 11:30am at the Library
Stencil Art
Each participant will create a work of art using stencils, colored pencils and/or scrap-booking elements. This workshop is open to children age 5 & older & will be held in the Library. Registration is required by April 4.



All workshops are at no cost. Supplies in part funded by Stewart’s Holiday Match Grant. Call the Museum at 518-642-1515 to reserve your spot!

Cryptid Creations

At our Cryptozoology after-school program yesterday, we examined not only cryptids but mythical creatures, too. We watched a slide presentation followed by a news video on Champ, our local cryptid. The children were able to take home coloring pages of mythical animals and cut-outs to create their own unique animal. We found a great book where each were able to create a creature and present it to the class. Several of our regulars weren’t able to make the class but those that attended had a good time sharing their knowledge of unknown creatures.


Join us in two weeks when we learn about the great Caribou Migration and play Migration Bingo!

Photos – Reptile Creations

Reptile Creations was one of four programs offered this winter and the only one I manage to remember to take photos. The children had a good time creating their special creature. Lucy watched, as always.

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