Fungus Fanatic

What…you ask? What is a fungus fanatic? Well, it started when I began working at the Pember Museum and had to run our summer nature camp. This was my first time to the Hebron Nature Preserve and I fell in love with fungus. Ok, I had a mild fascination with mushrooms as a kid. I would put painted “shroons” on my jeans, jacket and anything else I could paint with Tri-Chem fabric paint(remember that?) and not to mention draw or paint on paper. If you haven’t visited the Preserve, what are you waiting for? Right now you will find lots of shelf fungus on trees, but the real pretty ones come out in the summer. I know that they all have particular names, but I’ve been told that to identify..say a mushroom…you have to check the style, size, color under the cap, smell, etc. All these photos were taken at the Hebron Nature Preserve. If you happen to know the name(s) of the following, please leave a comment. Thanks! Now enjoy my fabulous fungus fotos


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