Leave it to Beaver

That’s right… It looks like the Beaver has been busy at the Hebron Nature Preserve. Where do you ask? Well, on the Beaver Dam Trail, of course! Tuesday (5/21), I was out with volunteer Kathy Donna putting up informational nature signs and as we turned onto the Beaver Dam Trail, we nearly stepped right into it. Coyote scat… that is… and… just twenty steps away we could see that the Beav had been indeed busy. First, he fell a tree and this trail blazer is very glad it fell in the opposite direction of the path. Since it was too big for him to drag off, he decided to gnaw on one closer to the trail. Oh no… here’s hoping he decides to leave it be and find something more his size. I don’t want to go back to find this monster tree down in or across my trail! Okay, it’s “his” trail too.

By the way… if you are looking for a great spot to picnic, the activity area (see map on the HNP page) at the preserve is perfect for a blanketed picnic. It’s open and gets plenty of sun. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Here’s some photos.