More Snowflakes?

Snowflakes just keep falling at the Pember Library & Museum! Besides a bunch of real white ones this morning, Miss Bernie had a surprise visit from the children who missed the beaded snowflake program last week. Luckily she still had the kits and round nose pliers to help the children create their own special glow-in-the-dark snowflake. Oh, what a great morning!



Yes, there were snowflakes at the Pember Library and Museum today, but not the soft fluffy kind! The last class in the Nature Inspired Art Program was beaded snowflakes and three children got to enjoy beading themselves a beautiful glow-in-the-dark snowflake. It’s too bad that four children who had signed up for the class for whatever reason did not attend. We missed them! Thanks to Heather Mitchell, owner of Over the Moon Beads in Cambridge for helping me with the class. It takes great hand/eye coordination and some of those beads kept jumping off the table!

Stay tune for upcoming after-school programs and other specialty programs. Perhaps a holiday ornament class? There will be a snowshoe hike in January and Owl Moon Walk in February along with winter break activities. Dates and information will be forthcoming.


Mad about Mosaics!

The Paper Mosaic art class on November 13th was not especially welcomed with open arms by the children. I got the comment, “This is hard.” I replied with a, “No, it’s challenging!” After they dove in and began cutting their shapes from the paper strips, they came to realize that paper mosaics were fun. The children did an excellent job. One student could not complete her work and took it home, so I don’t have a photo to post. Should she bring it back for the next class, I will snap a shot of it.

Seashell Art

The after-school nature inspired art program on November 6 was decorating a photo cube with seashells and gemstones. Each participant received a bag of real gemstones to decorate their photo cube or to take home. There were tons of seashells for them to use after they painted their cube with their favorite color. The results were beautiful!

Nocturnal Animals at Hudson Falls Primary School

The Pember Museum visited second graders at the Hudson Falls Primary School on Wednesday, November 6. The program presented was on Nocturnal Animals using Pember mounts and Bernie Hoffman’s animal pelts. Over 200 children learned interesting facts about the Great Horned Owl, Brown Bat, Ring-tailed Cat, Raccoon, Skunk, Fisher, and Red Fox. Bernie delighted them by bringing her own live nocturnal animal, Henry Hedgehog! Following the program the children were able to touch the wings and pelts.

HNP Trail Cleanup

Here’s a photo of the Merck Forest group that came to the aid of the Pember Museum to assist in trail clearing at the Hebron Nature Preserve on October 31st. The West Trail is completely open now. Again, THANKS to a great group of people!! If you would like to know more about Merck Forest and Farmland Center, visit their website at

(l-r): Chris Wall (trail maintenance coordinator), Timothy Hughes-Muse (farm manager), Emilie Scwartz (apprentice), Melissa Carll (communications coordinator), Jesse Gelinas (resource tech/customer service), Carolyn Loeb (apprentice).