The Bear Facts

Wednesday, January 15th was the start of our After School Discoveries and it was spectacular with 11 children and 5 adults attending the program on Bears! We began with a slide presentation on Bears of the World. Did you know that the Koala Bear is not a bear? Well, you do now! During the slideshow when a measurement was given of a bear species, the children could look at the tape on the floor to actually see how long a bear actually was! After the slideshow, we followed bear footprints to the Polar Bear and Brown Bear. Children were able to feel the pelts of an American Black Bear and Brown Bear. Each were able to color and create their own paper bear and take home a bear footprint. What fun! We didn’t get too many photos because of the activities, but here’s a few. Keep in mind that the next After School Discoveries will be January 29 at 4:00pm on Animal Adaptations.


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