Homeless Critters

If you chose not to come to our After School Discoveries program yesterday on Animal Adaptation because you thought it would be boring, well, I have news for you… it was not! There was a 20 minute discussion on animals and how they adapt to their environment. We got to see the comb-like teeth on a duck’s bill. We were able to touch skunk, beaver, raccoon and woodchuck pelts. There was a museum search followed by mystery critters. With the help of Library Director, Ardyce Bresett and her cricut machine, I created some really cute critters. The object – select an envelope with a 51/2 inch critter tucked inside and then create an environment for your critter once it was revealed. Margaret Mouse found a home but now I have all these homeless critters. Perhaps I will do this craft project further on down the line with one of our other discovery programs. In the meantime, here are some worksheets I covered in the discussion and program photos.


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