September’s First Friday

Roy Egg featured at the Pember. See page under Calendar.

Roy and Ostrich


After-School Discoveries Fall 2015

Our after-school programs will begin in late September from 3:30-4:30. Here is the list you have been waiting for:

9/23 – The African Wild – Discover Africa and meet a live Hedgehog named Twitch

10/7 – Armored Animals – How do animals protect themselves?

10/21 – Animal-related Careers – Discover careers where you work with animals with guest speaker(s)

11/4 – Rainforest Animals – Learn about some rainforest animals including an art activity

11/18 – Working Animals – How can animals help you? Meet a seeing-eye dog in training.

12/2 – All about Birds – From flightless birds to tiny birds

12/16 – Animal Olympians – Who are the champions of the animal world?