Fall 2016 After-school Programs

Pember’s After-School Discoveries
3:30 – 4:30pm.

Our after-school programs are free, open to school-age children and held in the Museum.

September 21 – Tiger Tales
We kick off our fall After-School Discoveries with a program on Tigers. There will be a slide presentation with known facts about tigers along with hands-on discovery of a real tiger skull. A take-home tiger activity will be passed out at the end of the program.

October 5 – What Happens in Autumn?
Participants are asked to bring colorful leaves and any seed pods to share.
Learn what happens to the environment & our animals in Autumn.

October 19 – Pember’s Halloween w/Weird & Wild Creatures
Nightmares of Nature, Strange Wonders, Tiny Terrors and more!

November 2 – Tag a Museum Trail
Participants will tag a Natural History object & together the class will research it online.

November 16 – Going Nuts
Discover which trees produce nuts & what animals depend on them for food.
Note: Not for anyone with nut allergies. Real nuts will be present.

November 30 – Texas Wild!
Pember traveled to Texas 1889-1891 collecting specimens.
Discover Texas habitats & animals & find the specimens that came from Texas.

December 14 – Snow, Ice & Animals
Learn about snow, ice and the animals which live in this environment.