Collections Database

Online Database
The Museum’s online database features more than 6,000 collection items. Each listing contains a description, photo of the item and more.

Research collections of the Pember Museum are available to the public for the following collection units:

  • Amphibians (1 record)
  • Birds (1,374 records)
  • Botany (1,532 records)
  • Eggs (886 records)
  • Geology (392 records)
  • Insects (1,622 records)
  • Invertebrates (273 records)
  • Mammals (158 records)
  • Reptiles (33 records)

Easy to follow directions can be found on the site itself.

We constantly add new data and correct information in the records. If you see an error in the data please contact us. For questions regarding the collection, or online database, contact the Pember at 518-642-1515 or email at

Click here to view the database.

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