Summer Adventures

Come to the Museum and enjoy a 30 minute educational video. There’s no class, no studying, no tests. You can sit back, relax, watch and learn. There will be an optional activity following the program. The video will begin at 3:30pm. If you plan on attending, please be on time. Here’s our summer schedule.

June 28 – Arctic & Antarctic

July 12 – Pond & River

Discover the amazing variety of plant & animal life that thrives in freshwater habitats.

July 19 – Dinosaurs

See how dinosaurs lived and died. We’ll take you into the world of paleontologists and the real-life monsters they study.

July 26 – Jungle

Join us for an educational film on the Jungle. It will change your perception of this invaluable resource and reveal its significance as a refuge for the richest variety of life on earth. From swinging monkeys to killer plants, you’ll discover how every resident of the jungle is perfectly adapted to its niche. An optional activity will follow the video.

August 2 – Planets

August 16 – Skeletons

Join us for a summer adventure featuring the Skeleton. Why is the human spine shaped like an S? Which animals’ skeletons can join together to form islands? This 35-minute video will take you beneath the surface to reveal the hidden secrets of an incredible variety of skeletal structures, none more complex than our own. Following the program participants will be able to view real animal x-rays.

August 23 – Seashore

Join us for a summer adventure at the Seashore. What happens to a crab that loses its claw? How did one low tide wreck the entire Greek army? This 35-minute video dives into the explosive front line between land and sea. From crashing waves and blasting winds to placid tide pools, discover what makes our coastlines so alluring to the masses of wildlife and humans who gather there. Explore real sealife specimens following the video.

August 30 – Prehistoric Life

Join us for a summer adventure featuring Prehistoric Life. Who walked from South America to Australia? What fantastic scientific find was made under a lobster’s nose? This 35-minute video digs deep to unearth the first chapters of our planet’s incredible living history. Journey across the ages to discover how life, in all its breathtaking variety, has relentlessly adapted into every nook and cranny of our teeming world. Examine real fossils following the video.

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