2016 Wolf Gathering

Come to a Wolf Gathering at the Pember Library and Museum on Saturday, May 21 from 1:00-2:00pm to hear from Adirondack Wildlife Refuge and their animal ambassador wolf pup, Kiska. The program will be held in the library but if it’s a nice day it will be held outside. Your continued support and donations help us to present high quality programs.

Why are wolves called “keystone predators”, and how do they control wild mammals like beaver, deer, moose, elk and caribou? Are wolves ruthless killers as they are sometimes portrayed in Hollywood movies, or are they a family-oriented predator, whose tendency is to remove the very old, very young, the sick, and the lame from their target species? Do wolves damage the species they hunt, or strengthen them, by eliminating animals who may breed weakness and vulnerability into the species, as wolves try to earn a living, in that beautiful, but difficult and unforgiving environment we call Nature? How do wolves patrol and defend their territories, and what exactly is a wolf “pack”? Where do dogs come from, why do they display the behavior that they do, and why did we end up with dogs as “man’s best friend”? What kind of wolves live in the Adirondacks? Are wolves dangerous to people, and how did the return of wolves to Yellowstone affect the Park’s ecosystem, as well as Yellowstone tourism?

Photos from the Program:

Steve & Wendy Hall, NY State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators, Adirondack Wildlife Refuge & Rehabilitation Center, http://www.adirondackwildlife.org/

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