Collections Database

Online Database
The Museum’s online database features more than 6,000 collection items. Each listing contains a description, photo of the item and more.

Research collections of the Pember Museum are available to the public for the following collection units:

  • Amphibians (1 record)
  • Birds (1,363 records)
  • Botany (1,444 records)
  • Eggs (884 records)
  • Geology (382 records)
  • Insects (1,601 records)
  • Invertebrates (273 records)
  • Mammals (152 records)
  • Reptiles (32 records)

Easy to follow directions can be found on the site itself.

We constantly add new data and correct information in the records. If you see an error in the data please contact us. For questions regarding the collection, or online database, contact the Pember at 518-642-1515 or email at

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Bird Eggs, Nests and Feathers

Don’t forget our upcoming after-school discovery program Bird Eggs, Nests and Feathers on Wednesday, November 19th from 3:30-4:30pm. We will explore the different bird nests, eggs and feathers. Following the program will be a Whimsical Bird magnet craft.

This is a free study group open to school-age children.

We learn, laugh and create.

If you haven’t attended our programs recently and would like to participate in this one, please give Bernie a call at the museum 518-642-1515.

Winter Storm

Once again, Granville Schools are closed, therefore the Pember Library and Museum is closed too. We apologize for any inconvenience. The town and village have a lot of streets to clear along with our parking area. We expect to be open for normal hours tomorrow.

Nature Preserve Restoration

The Hebron Nature Preserve is in need of restoration. Besides vandalism, the weather has presented trees across paths. General maintenance of the trails have not happen as often as we would have liked. Please help us in any way you can.

Vintage Photos of the Pember

Here’s a couple photos of the Pember Library and Museum. The black and white is dated 1910 and the color is from a postcard with a postal date of 2 Apr 1915.

Pember 1910



1915 Apr Postcard

Fungus Fanatic

What…you ask? What is a fungus fanatic? Well, it started when I began working at the Pember Museum and had to run our summer nature camp. This was my first time to the Hebron Nature Preserve and I fell in love with fungus. Ok, I had a mild fascination with mushrooms as a kid. I would put painted “shroons” on my jeans, jacket and anything else I could paint with Tri-Chem fabric paint(remember that?) and not to mention draw or paint on paper. If you haven’t visited the Preserve, what are you waiting for? Right now you will find lots of shelf fungus on trees, but the real pretty ones come out in the summer. I know that they all have particular names, but I’ve been told that to identify..say a mushroom…you have to check the style, size, color under the cap, smell, etc. All these photos were taken at the Hebron Nature Preserve. If you happen to know the name(s) of the following, please leave a comment. Thanks! Now enjoy my fabulous fungus fotos

Beaver Lodge

One thing I love about taking photos is comparing them years down the road. That’s how we determine growth or lack there of. Right now, while the leaves are gone from the trees, you can see amazing things like the homes of animals. One animal’s home in particular is the Hebron Nature Preserve’s resident beaver. By the photo posted you can see the growth of his home in just two years. Not to mention the increase of water in the creek no doubt from his dam. How awesome!