2014 Snow Walk

The Snowshoe Hike – January 19, 2014.

Although a bit breezy, we did have plenty of snow to shoe through. The group was small totaling seven. Two adults had just finished the trails when we arrived at noon. We donned our snowshoes and off we went in search of animal tracks. Those that we saw had been recently dusted with snow but we could still tell they were deer, rabbit and opossum. The South Loop Trail has a stream running across it, so we either had to jump or tread into it.  The water was ankle deep but most of us had on snow boots. However, it did create ice balls on the bottom of my snowshoes! My stride was a bit short of clearing the water! The most exciting moment was coming across “snow fleas” on the beaver dam trail. Yes, they do exist. There were many jumping about on top of the snow. I did manage to get a few photos. Research shows them being a species of the dark blue springtail, Hypogastrura nivicola. Springtails are microscopic animals classified as a hexapod, not an insect. Yes, confusing. Our youngest attendee began getting cold and we headed back to the schoolhouse. We all had a great time!

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