6 Silent but Deadly Animals

At today’s after-school program, our students learned about some stealthy animals that were deadly by jaws, claws or poison. In fact, most already guessed at what animals would fit in this category. They learned about the Poison Dart Frog, Caiman, Leopard, Great Horned Owl, Tarantula, and Puffed Adder. They were only stumped by a few. Following the discussion, each created their own Dart Frogs. Here they are!


Silent but Deadly Animals

Wednesday, March 29 – 3:30-4:30pm.

Come discover stealthy animals who are deadly in their own way either by poison, claws or paws!

Winter Break Programs

Don’t forget to sign up. Registration deadline is Saturday, February 18. Visit the Calendar page for the listing.

Owl Walk

Don’t forget about our owl walk tonight at the Nature Preserve 6pm-8pm. Meet up at the South Grimes Hill Road entrance to the Preserve which is off NY22 in Hebron. Bring a flashlight. It will be about 25 degrees but the weather will be clear. Hope the owls will be talking!


We had a great time learning about Snow, Ice & Animals that live in this environment at our last after-school program yesterday. The kids enjoyed creating beautiful flakes and even took one home to decorate. We found flakes on our windows.

Festival of Wreaths

Festival of Wreaths at the Pember!
We have many beautiful wreaths for you to bid on and they all start at $10. However, there are a few in the center of a bidding war.
Library Lucy was found checking out her favorite wreaths.
Stop on by the library to view the wreaths and hopefully one will speak to you.


Texas Wild!

Wednesday, November 30 from 3:30-4:30pm. Join us for an after-school program focusing on the habitats and animals in the state of Texas. Mr. Pember traveled to Texas 1889-1891 collecting specimens. Come discover them!

What Happens in Autumn?

Don’t forget about our after-school program today at 3:30pm. Bring some colorful leaves or seed pods, if you can, to share with the class. There will be study, leaf investigation, a time-lapse video and craft.


Making a Difference

Here’s a big shout-out THANK YOU to the following who volunteered their time on Saturday, October 1st helping Bernie clear trails at the Hebron Nature Preserve: Board Treasurer Bob Tatko with his huge tractor mower, Board member Murray McHugh with his chainsaw & various loppers, Steve Duell, the Aubrey family (Nate, Amy, Jacob, Josiah, Aaron & Jeremiah), the Lester’s (Stephen & Rene) and Skye MacLeod. The weather was overcast and cool but the trails are now clear. They will get another cutting this coming week. We sincerely thank these wonderful people for donating their time. A little time making a significant difference.


Fall 2016 After-school Programs

Pember’s After-School Discoveries
3:30 – 4:30pm.

Our after-school programs are free, open to school-age children and held in the Museum.

September 21 – Tiger Tales
We kick off our fall After-School Discoveries with a program on Tigers. There will be a slide presentation with known facts about tigers along with hands-on discovery of a real tiger skull. A take-home tiger activity will be passed out at the end of the program.

October 5 – What Happens in Autumn?
Participants are asked to bring colorful leaves and any seed pods to share.
Learn what happens to the environment & our animals in Autumn.

October 19 – Pember’s Halloween w/Weird & Wild Creatures
Nightmares of Nature, Strange Wonders, Tiny Terrors and more!

November 2 – Tag a Museum Trail
Participants will tag a Natural History object & together the class will research it online.

November 16 – Going Nuts
Discover which trees produce nuts & what animals depend on them for food.
Note: Not for anyone with nut allergies. Real nuts will be present.

November 30 – Texas Wild!
Pember traveled to Texas 1889-1891 collecting specimens.
Discover Texas habitats & animals & find the specimens that came from Texas.

December 14 – Snow, Ice & Animals
Learn about snow, ice and the animals which live in this environment.

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