Whitehall Elementary

On June 5, 2014 the Pember Museum presented a program on Animals of the Adirondacks at the Whitehall Elementary School in Whitehall, NY to grades K-2. We were amazed at the knowledge these young students possessed. Attributed to teachers, parents and children willing to learn. Animals presented were the Great Horned Owl, Red-tailed Hawk, Red Fox, Fisher, Coyote and a live Yellow-naped Amazon Parrot. Wait….did I say parrot? You read it right. Barnyard the YNA Parrot joined the Pember in the presentation often talking behind her curtain. Children love trying to get her to talk to them and she loves the attention. So, she might not be an Adirondack animal but the children didn’t seem to mind learning about a different kind of animal. This presentation was made possible by the Whitehall Library who applied for a grant through Berkshire Bank. It was very nice of the Library to be thinking of their local children and very generous of Berkshire Bank for their grant. We thank them both!

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