Ancient Civilizations

A new type of after-school discovery program is coming this fall. Culture meets Natural History at the Pember. We’ll be studying ancient civilizations and creating an interactive notebook for each participant. We start at 3:30pm to 4:30pm. Here’s our timeline:

9/20 – Ancient Mesopotamia (See page under Calendar for a few photos)

10/4 – Ancient Egypt

10/18 – Ancient India

11/1 – Ancient China

11/15 – Ancient Greece

11/29 – Ancient Rome

12/13 – Ancient America

This class will be for 1st-3rd graders. Older children can attend. Registration required by September 15th. A “fuzzy buddy” award will be given to each participant who attends a program. Our after-school program is free.

Here’a a sneak peak of the cover page to our interactive notebook. More photos might be forthcoming as I work through the programs.


Animals with Smell-o-vision

Wednesday, May 10 from 3:30-4:30pm. Our after-school program will explore animals with superior sniffers that find food, water and even mates. Program is open to all school-age children.

Bird Eggs, Nests and Feathers

Don’t forget our upcoming after-school discovery program Bird Eggs, Nests and Feathers on Wednesday, November 19th from 3:30-4:30pm. We will explore the different bird nests, eggs and feathers. Following the program will be a Whimsical Bird magnet craft.

This is a free study group open to school-age children.

We learn, laugh and create.

If you haven’t attended our programs recently and would like to participate in this one, please give Bernie a call at the museum 518-642-1515.

Engage, Enrich & Inspire

after school artThe Pember’s Fall 2014 After School Program – Engage, Enrich & Inspire will begin Wednesday, September 10th in the Pember Museum from 3:30-4:30pm. The program is free to school age children. Each program will offer nature studies followed by inspirational art. Registration is not required but would be appreciated to insure we have plenty of supplies. For more information, contact Bernie at the museum 642-1515. The schedule is as follows:

September 10 – Animal Habitats with create a Critter’s Habitat & Animal Tracks

September 24 –¬†Wildflowers of New York with Paper Flowers

October 8 –¬†Seashore Life with Sea Life creations

October 22 – Nocturnal Animals with Create a Bat

November 5 – Stargazing with Glow-in-the-dark Star Map. Includes a slideshow

November 19 – Bird Eggs, Nests & Feathers with create a Whimsical Bird Pin

December 3 – Butterflies & Moths with Stained Glass Butterflies

December 17 – Leaves, Seeds & Trees of New York with Leaf Rubbing Plaques & Pinecone Ornaments

The schedule is subject to change.

Animal Adaptations

Animal Adaptations – After School Discovery program on Wednesday, January 29 begins at 4:00pm. This free program is open to children of all ages. There will be an enlightening discussion on how animals are suited to their surroundings like what birds are suited for swimming or what animal has special pockets for carrying food? Do you know which animals are good at digging? Following the discussion will be a fun museum search.¬†Sounds boring? Guess again! At the end each child will receive a mystery “Create a Critter”. What does that mean? In a bag will be a critter that each child will glue together and take home. The fun part is not knowing which critter is in the bag! Here are some samples:


2014 After School Discoveries

logo afd3Beginning January 15th the Pember Library & Museum will be offering After School Discoveries for children of all ages from 4:00pm to 5:00pm in the Museum. These programs are free and registration is not required. For more information, contact Bernie Hoffman at 518-642-1515 (Tues-Thurs).

The programs will feature one of the following: slideshow, crafts, or a live animal. There will be animal specimens for touching and learning followed by a fun museum search. You can visit the After-school page under the calendar page.

Jan. 15 – Bears!
Jan. 29 – Animal Adaptations
Feb. 12 – All about Cats
Feb. 26 – African Wildlife
Mar. 12 – True Dogs & Foxes
Mar. 26 – Mammals around the World
Apr. 9 – Prehistoric Life
Apr. 23 – Antlers and Horns
May 7 – Wiley Weasels
May 21 – Insects & Animals that eat them
June 4 – Get the Scoop – Animal Tracks, Poop & Farts!

More Snowflakes?

Snowflakes just keep falling at the Pember Library & Museum! Besides a bunch of real white ones this morning, Miss Bernie had a surprise visit from the children who missed the beaded snowflake program last week. Luckily she still had the kits and round nose pliers to help the children create their own special glow-in-the-dark snowflake. Oh, what a great morning!

A Hootin Good Time!

The children who attended the free Pinecone Owl art class yesterday at the Pember Library & Museum had a hootin good time! At first, they were concerned that the art project might be too difficult for them but once I explained it, they eagerly began creating their own special owl. Several of the children could not attend and their project will await for them next week at the Magic Scratch class.

There are still seats available in the art classes, so check out the calendar page and sign up your child by calling the museum at 642-1515 or email Bernie at