Spring Break Programs

Tuesday – Apr. 18 9:30-10:30am-ish Nature Walk
Meet at the South Grimes Hill Road entrance to the Hebron Nature Preserve. We will casually stroll the trails listening to bird songs, discovering animal signs, and enjoying nature. Rain or shine! Registration is not required. Dress accordingly.

Wednesday – Apr. 19 9:30 – 10:30/11:00am Repiles
Watch a video about reptiles. Learn about them through a museum scavenger hunt. Touch snake skins and other specimens. A wooden snake craft will follow the program. This will be a fun and educational workshop for children age 5 & older. Class size is limited to 10. Registration is required by Apr. 18.

Thursday – Apr. 20 9:30 – 10:30/11:00am Nature Inspired Art
Watch a nature video and create a nature-inspired craft. The craft could be a mystery sparkle mosaic picture, fabric butterfly, photo cube, stained glass butterfly mobile OR 3d mobile. This workshop is open to children age 5 and older. Class size is limited. Registration is required by Apr. 18.

These workshops are at no cost. Supplies are provided by a Stewart’s Holiday Match Grant.


Making a Difference

Here’s a big shout-out THANK YOU to the following who volunteered their time on Saturday, October 1st helping Bernie clear trails at the Hebron Nature Preserve: Board Treasurer Bob Tatko with his huge tractor mower, Board member Murray McHugh with his chainsaw & various loppers, Steve Duell, the Aubrey family (Nate, Amy, Jacob, Josiah, Aaron & Jeremiah), the Lester’s (Stephen & Rene) and Skye MacLeod. The weather was overcast and cool but the trails are now clear. They will get another cutting this coming week. We sincerely thank these wonderful people for donating their time. A little time making a significant difference.


HNP Bridge

If you plan on taking a trip to the Hebron Nature Preserve, please be aware that the floating bridge is out of order. A section has broken it’s chain and it’s unsafe to cross. We will keep you posted on when it has been repaired.

The Hike is On!!

Song Bird Hike is still on for tomorrow beginning at 11:00am but please note that this is only an hour long hike until 12:00pm. The time of 1:00pm was a misprint. We are meeting at the South Grimes Hill Road entrance to the Nature Preserve. You can’t miss it with a nice sitting area around a vernal pool. Dress for ticks and the weather is suppose to be overcast. No drop offs. Parents can wait at the parking area or join us for the walk.

Spring is in the air and the birds are talking all about it!!

Let’s Take a Walk

Oh my! I never imagined that so many children would be interested in creating a personalized walking stick or hiking staff, which ever you may call it. There were fifteen youth attending the program this morning. Over the years whenever I cleared trails at the Hebron Nature Preserve, I would gather fallen tree branches and tuck them inside the schoolhouse to be used at summer camp, but camp has been a bust for the last couple years with no registrations. I had collected seventeen branches when I decided to present the program. I allowed for fifteen spaces knowing that I had fifteen good branches and two not so hot ones. Eighteen children signed up by end of day on Saturday and I fretted. Where was I going to get more good branches when the ground was wet? I found one at the Preserve setting against the picnic table stuck in the snow. I kicked it loose and took it home. In fact, I took all the branches home and spent eight hours getting them ready for the class which meant removing the bark, small branches, knots, sanding it down and sawing the ends off. The one I found in the snow was set on my floor heat vent for two days to dry out after I cleaned it. The weather was not going to cooperate and I couldn’t get the power turned on at the schoolhouse, so I decided to cancel the hike but hold the program at the Museum. I figured that they can hike with their staff when the weather turns nice. There were three cancellations and one walk-in which made fifteen excited kids ready to create a staff of their own with paint, cording, charms (metal or antler buttons), turkey feathers and beads! A good time was had by all. Just see for yourself….


Spring Break is Coming!

painted walking sticksTuesday – Apr 7 10:00 – 11:30am  at the Porter Schoolhouse (Nature Preserve), Rt. 22, Hebron at the Library & Museum
Nature Hike @ HNP Due to the forecast of cold & rain, the hike has been cancelled but the program will be held at the L&M
The Pember staff will lead a nature hike after each participant creates their own personalized walking stick with paint, charms and beads. This workshop is open to children age 5 & older. Registration is required by April 4. As of April 5, no further reservations will be taken. This class is full.


Slate Decoupage

Slate Decoupage


Wednesday – Apr 8 10:00 – 11:30am at the Library
Slate Painting & Decoupage
Come decorate a slate plaque by painting or decoupage. This workshop is open to children age 5 & older & will be held in the Library. Registration is required by April 4.


Stencil ArtThursday – Apr 9 10:00 – 11:30am at the Library
Stencil Art
Each participant will create a work of art using stencils, colored pencils and/or scrap-booking elements. This workshop is open to children age 5 & older & will be held in the Library. Registration is required by April 4.



All workshops are at no cost. Supplies in part funded by Stewart’s Holiday Match Grant. Call the Museum at 518-642-1515 to reserve your spot!

Seeds, Leaves & Trees

Wednesday, December 17 our after school participants learned about seeds, leaves and trees of New York. We identified seeds. We learned about the two types of leaves – simple and compound and then put that knowledge to the test by identifying some leaves. Then we made pinecone ornaments while eating cookies and drinking punch. A few made leaf rubbings, too. I’m sorry you missed the class. There was lots of glitter!

Don’t forget the Snowshoe Hike on January 18 from 10:00am-12:00pm at the Hebron Nature Preserve. We will meet at the Porter Schoolhouse on Route 22 in Hebron. Free program open to all ages. Snowshoes are optional. Weather permitting.

Owl Moon walk will take place at the Preserve (South Grimes Hill Road) on February 15 from 6:00-8:00pm. Free program open to all ages. Snowshoes optional. Bring a flashlight. Weather permitting.

The next set of After School Discoveries will begin…….. 2015. The programs and dates have not been set yet.

Owl Recap

Thanks to everyone who joined me, Miss Bernie, on the Owl Prowl at the Hebron Nature Preserve last night. We were fortunate that there wasn’t any wind as predicted therefore making the walk pleasant. However, with over two feet of snow on the ground, it was extremely difficult to maneuver through the snow even with snowshoes. We sunk in at least a foot with every step. The thighs really got a workout! We ventured out to the observation deck and then into the old woods but didn’t hear any owls. Perhaps they were smart staying warm in their nests. The air was chilly, but that didn’t stop us from investigating every track. Most were rabbit and a few deer. The walk back was easier since we had already packed the snow down. Should this happen next year, we will either pack the trail before the walk or cancel the event.

Don’t forget to register for the winter break activities at the museum this week. Registration is not necessary for the chinchilla and story time tomorrow from 12-1pm. However, registrations for Wednesday and Thursday workshops must be in to us by 5pm tomorrow. Walk-ins will only be accepted if the class already has registrants. Currently, there are no registrants for the Butterfly Suncatcher and 3D Mobile workshop on Thursday. I’ll post an update Tuesday evening as to whether or not there will be a Thursday workshop.

My email is pember_edu@roadrunner.com.

Owl Walk is On!

The Owl walk scheduled for tonight is on! Meet at the South Grimes Hill Road entrance to the Hebron Nature Preserve at 6pm. Owl wings, talons and calls will be presented before the walk. There is over 2 feet of snow, so snowshoes will be a must to maneuver through the trails. I have one extra pair – 22″ for adults up to 165lbs. Please dress accordingly as it’s predicted to be windy. We are looking forward to possibly hearing some owls talking. Come to join us!

Winter Break Activities!

WINTER BREAK ACTIVITIES are two weeks away. Come join us at the Pember Library & Museum and the Hebron Nature Preserve for school break activities.

The week begins with an Owl Moon Walk at the Hebron Nature Preserve on Sunday, February 16th from 6:00-8:00pm. We will be meeting at the South Grimes Hill Road (in Hebron) entrance to the Preserve. There will be owl wings and talons for the touching and hoots for the listening before we begin our walk across the bridge and down the West Trail. In previous years we have had a group of as many as 20 and as few as 2. Whether a first timer or veteran, this event is a Hoot! Sometimes we hear the owls talking and sometimes we only hear ourselves. The event is free and open to anyone that is able to walk a trail in the dark. Flashlights are necessary unless we get a clear sky & full moon. We will be just coming out of a full moon that evening. Fingers crossed for a windless clear sky. Bitter cold or poor road conditions will cancel this event. I will post the day of the event.

Tuesday, February 18th from 12:00-1:00pm will be a live Chinchilla event. Come to the Museum and meet Muffin the Chinchilla and listen to a story. This is a free event for all ages!

Wednesday, February 19th from 11:30am – 1:00pm will be Slate Painting & Decoupage in the Library. Since I have only six 8×10 and six 5×9 slate pieces, we will draw names to decide who gets which size in order of fairness.There is no fee, but we’ll gladly accept donations.  Pre-registration is required as there are only 12 seats for this activity.

Thursday, February 20th from 11:30am – 1:00pm will be Butterfly Suncatchers & 3D Mobiles in the Library. There are 11 seats available for the Butterfly Suncatchers and 11 seats available for the 3D Mobiles. Participants can enroll for one or the other but not both. Pre-registration is required to reserve your child’s seat. Suncatchers will be pre-strung for the child to color and add beads. 3D Mobiles will be partially assembled to allow the child to color and decide on placement of accompanied pieces. They will also be pre-strung. There is no fee for this class, but we will accept donations.

What is Pre-registration? Please call the museum at 642-1515 and speak to Bernadette, leave a message with the museum volunteer or on the answering machine with the following information. Program, Name & Age of Child, Name & Telephone Number of Parent or Contact Person. You may also reserve seating by emailing Bernadette at Pember_edu@roadrunner.com. Since the class sizes are limited, it is recommended that you reserve in advance. Walk-ins will be accepted if seats are open.

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bernadette. We are looking forward to a FUN WINTER BREAK!


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