Teachers’ Resources

Educational resources are provided to prepare teachers & students for their natural history field trips to The Pember Museum and Nature Preserve. Visit the Pember’s website at www.thePember.org to access this information.

However, our website does not list the items in our loan kits, so under this heading is a description of each kit. These kits are available free of charge on a first come, first served basis for a loan period of two weeks.  You can call to reserve the kit or email the educator at pember_edu@roadrunner.com and then pick it up at the museum. We can also deliver the kit through the SALs library system to a library near you. It usually takes a few days, so planning ahead is necessary. The borrower is responsible for the safe return of kits and their entire contents.

We will and have in the past “black listed” educators for kits returned damaged or missing items. We understand and expect normal wear and tear. Each kit is reviewed upon return.

We can come to your location to present a hour-long program using one of our loan kits. See services for program fee.

In addition to loan kits, I have created about 14 powerpoint presentations. Some are automatic and others need to be advanced manually. Once I’ve created a folder with accompanied information and activities, they will be available to educators. Topics include Africa, Australasia, Rainforests of the World, Weasels & Skunks and more! Stay tuned.

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