Bird Eggs

Eggs can be white, colored or spotted; round, pointed or oval; large, small or in-between. Discover which birds lay which eggs and why.

Egg specimens: King Rail, Coot, Ruffed Grouse, Downy Woodpecker, Partridge, Virginia Rail, Ringnecked Pheasant, Eastern Meadowlark, Killdeer, Baltimore Oriole, Grackle, Common Galinule, Belted Kingfisher, Sora, Catbird, American Robin, Veery, Cowbird, Eastern Kingbird, Common Yellowthroat, Long-billed Marsh Wren, Northern Flicker, Blue Jay, Bluebird, American Redstart, House Wren, Chestnut-sided Warbler, Phoebe, Yellow Warbler, Indigo Bunting, Least Bittern, Tree Swallow, Great-Crested Flycatcher, American Crow.

Note that eggs are fragile and are for viewing only.

The following may be included upon request and can be held: Ostrich, Emu and Greater Rhea.

Photo egg magnets

Information and activity sheets

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