Cargo for Conservation – Endangered Species

Why is our wildlife in danger? Using products made from animals confiscated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife, discuss the reasons for the decline in many wildlife populations.

Specimens include: Monitor Lizard, Python Snake, Olive Ridley Turtle

Textiles include: boots-Sea Turtle, shoes-Python/Viper & Caiman, purse-Varanus Lizard, wallets-Cobra & Monitor Lizard, belt-Boa Constrictor, ivory necklace-Sperm Whale, ivory bracelet, ivory earrings, ivory carving, bracelets-Hawksbill Sea Turtle & African Elephant Hair, necklace-black coral pieces, earrings-Nautilus Shell and a seashell gift

Traditional oriental medicine (boxes only) of Bear musk, Tiger plaster and Rhino horn

Books: Endangered Animals, Zoobooks-Endangered Animals, National Wildlife Educator’s Guide, CITES Appendices I, II, III, and USFWS Cargo for Conservation


Endangered Animals floor puzzle (48 pieces)

Information and activity sheets

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