Plants & Trees of New York and Vermont

Become familiar with the structure of plants and trees. Learn to identify a variety of local plants and trees with the use of wood and leaf specimens.

Wood specimens (15) include: Black Gum, Elm, Evodia, Hackberry, Hemlock, Hop Hornbeam, Ostrya, Pecan, Persimmon, Red Cedar, Southern Red Oak, Spruce, Tamarack, Walnut and Willow

Tree Ring sample

Plant specimens of Northern Maidenhair Fern, Red Clover, St. Johnswort, Swamp Rose and Yarrow

Tree ID with Leaf & Twig Keys

Leaves (6) – White Ash, Red Oak, Beech, Black Cherry, White Oak, Sugar Maple

Twigs (7) – White Pine, White Ash, Sugar Maple, Beech, White Oak, Black Cherry, Red Oak

Posters (4)

Information and activity sheets

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