Prehistoric Life in Fossils

Can you find the creatures and plants hidden in stone? Learn about life millions of years ago with actual fossils.

Case of 13 fossil specimens, 1 large ammonite fossil and display of 12 fossils mounted on cardboard display

8 fossil replicas in individual bags: Dinosaur skin-Lambeosaurus, Dinosaur tooth-Edmontosaurus, Trilobite-Phacops Runa Milleri, Dinosaur footprint-Grallator, Ammonite-Dactyloceras, 1st Bird skull-Archaeopteryx, Tooth-Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Pterosaur skull-Pterodactylus

Posters – Fossil & Geologic Time, The Victims & Survivors, Age of Giants, Geologic Time & History of Life

Books – A Golden Guide to Fossils, Dig into Fossils

CD – Powerpoint presentation – Extinct! with slide notes

Information and activity sheets

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