Rock or Mineral?

With real rocks and minerals to examine, discover how geologists tell the difference between rocks and minerals. Materials include a testing kit.

Fluorescent Mineral Kit – 6 rock samples & ultraviolet lamp

Mineral Magnetism Kit – 5 mineral samples & 2 small magnets

Vinegar Test Kit – 5 mineral samples, 2 porcelain streak tiles, and container of vinegar

“What are rocks?” Kit – 6 rock samples & 4 mineral samples

Mineral Cleavage Kit – 6 mineral samples & cloth

Our Lives with Rocks & Minerals Kit – 12 rocks & minerals & 11 human-made objects

Mineral Color & Luster Kit – 12 mineral samples

Mineral Hardness Kit – 8 mineral samples, penny, tiles, glass plates, nails, and magnifier

Mineral Crystal Systems Kit – 6 cardboard patterns, 3 mineral samples in a separate bag

Mineral Streak Kit – 8 mineral samples & 8 tiles

Mystery Mineral Kits – 5 kits each containing 5 mineral samples

Bag of 11 minerals

Information and activity sheets

Books: A Golden Guide to Rocks & Minerals, Dig Into Rocks, The Peterson Field Guide to Rocks & Minerals, The Rock-Hound’s Book, and Secrets In Stones

The toughest part of this kit is insuring that the proper rocks and minerals are place back in the correct kit.


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